About Us

Atlas Crest is a leading franchise of special purpose acquisition companies focused on identifying high growth companies, completing combinations and navigating challenging market dynamics. We partner with world class management teams that are creating innovative solutions to today’s challenges and create financing solutions to help them fund growth.

Although we are sector agnostic when choosing our combination partners, we focus on industries that are ripe for disruption and companies that are positioned for growth, and where our deal making experience can help management teams reach their targets and deliver returns.

About our Leadership

Atlas Crest’s SPACs are led by their Chairman, Ken Moelis, the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Moelis & Company, a leading global independent investment bank, and their CEO, Michael Spellacy. Along with other members of Atlas Crest’s management and board, Atlas Crest’s SPACs offer more than 200 years of collective experience providing tailored strategic and financial advice to management teams and executing bespoke transactions for a range of clients. Through their affiliation with Moelis & Company, Atlas Crest’s SPACs benefit from the experience and expertise of some of the world’s foremost global deal makers.


Atlas Crest Investment Corp.

Atlas Crest Investment Corp. II